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Development of Experiential Tourism

Free business support available to create new products to the market.

Brand new business support programme

We are delivering a new support offering to enhance our experiential tourism products in Worcestershire.

The Experiential Tourism Programme is being delivered by Visit Worcestershire in partnership with Unmissable England. Unmissable England is a national tourism company specialising in experiential and tourism product development. They provide practical and accessible professional development opportunities for the tourism industry.

The Programme has been developed to help create new products to market, products which support the Worcestershire message and enhance our offering to national and international visitors. Products which are rooted in a sense of place and that tell the story of the County.

Unmissable England will be providing 1:1 extensive training enabling traditional and non-traditional tourism businesses to:

● Develop or diversify into experiential tourism
● Reach new markets and audiences
● Develop storytelling techniques
● Develop their sustainable tourism offer
● Improve their marketing strategy
● Become 'bookable’ and improve distribution.

All training and 1:1 business support sessions in this proposal will be presented and delivered by Tourism Business Advisor, Chris Brant. Chris has over 20 years experience working with tourism businesses in the UK, specialising in product development. Chris has produced and delivered training to hundreds of traditional and non-traditional tourism businesses on behalf of many tourism organisations and local authorities in England.

Support with also be provided by the visitor experience platform, Beyonk, to ensure the experience will be ready to book online and open to the Visit Worcestershire online marketplace.

Grants will be available for those businesses who complete the programme and to support with the delivery of the experience.

Download the Guidance Pack

(Last updated 24/01)

Please note the expression of interest (EOI) form is located at the bottom of the guidance pack. Expressions of Interest will only be accepted and considered if submitted via this form. Emails and any other format will not be accepted.

Round 1 applications have now closed, and those moving forward have been notified.

Round 2 applications have now closed, and those moving forward have been notified.

To find out more please email visitworcestershire@worcestershire.gov.uk