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Feeling inspired by Bridgerton? Check out our regency inspired days out

Days out in Worcestershire with a Bridgerton feel!

Dear gentle reader, if like us you are EAGERLY awaiting the release of part two of this season's Bridgerton and you’re not quite sure how to pass the days until the 13th of June. Have no fear, for we have collated a number of the best Worcestershire attractions and locations to promenade this summer.

To avoid the scorn of Bridgerton’s Lady Whistledown, only the finest spots have been included on this exclusive list. A list worthy of the most glittering diamonds of the season!

Croome Court

1. The Walled Gardens at Croome

Bridgerton is loosely set in the Regency era which forms part of the wider Georgian Period. Worcestershire bloomed during this period and you can still take in the periods grace and beauty at the Walled Gardens at Croome which are the largest Georgian Walled Gardens in the UK. Privately run, the gardens are open on Saturdays and Sundays from March until September. Imagine sitting on a shady bench fanning yourself in the summer sun or enjoying the sweet-smelling flowers.

Extend your visit by visiting the neighbouring Croome Court which is a National Trust property with extended Capability Brown Gardens, a stately home brimming with history and scandal. What would Lady Whistledown say?

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2. Hartlebury Castle

Did you know that Queen Charlotte visited Hartlebury Castle in 1781? The King and Queen visited their friend Richard Hurd, who was the King’s personal choice as the Bishop of Worcester. The pair walked the grounds greeted by 8,000 people and enjoyed breakfast in the library.

Discover the lives of those who lived and worked at Hartlebury Castle in the Bishop’s Palace, and explore the fascinating history of the county in Worcestershire County Museum. Whilst walking in the footsteps of Queen Charlotte.

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3. Royal Worcester Porcelain Museum, Worcester

Nothing is more British than fine china and taking afternoon tea. Set your eyes upon the most stunning pieces of porcelain from the museum's history, dating back to the 1860s. Hand-painted, each plate, cup and saucer was painstakingly decorated by a talented local artist. Given the royal seal of approval in 1862 after Prince Albert purchased a dessert service for Queen Victoria. A museum fit for Queen Charlotte, a must on your Worcestershire Bridgerton experience…

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4. The Georgian Town of Bewdley

Time to promenade. The attractive Georgian town of Bewdley is nestled on the River Severn and is the perfect place to dress in your Sunday best and take a promenade. With its rich history, cute independent shops, a wealth of listed buildings as well as a much-acclaimed museum. The town has a number of stunning gardens and a community orchard. The perfect place to people watch and gossip about the ‘Ton.
If in the area, you could step back into the Golden Age of Steam and enjoy a romantic journey on the Severn Valley Railway.

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5. Witley Court and Gardens

Witley Court is a hauntingly beautiful stately home which was ravished by fire nearly 100 years ago. Now run by English Heritage you can explore the ruin and lavish gardens, waltzing in what used to be the grand ballroom. The buildings still show the hallmarks of the Regency Period with the major landscaping of the grounds being undertaken at this time and the restoration of Baroque Church which is a must when visiting. As the 2nd Lord Foley took the reins, the estate struggled under a great financial strain, said to be a notorious gambler and spendthrift – much like Lord Featherington – but the estate was saved by an advantageous marriage in 1806. How very Bridgerton…

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6. Broadway Museum and Art Gallery

So, that carriage scene! One can only imagine the tea break that the driver needed after his shift. Broadway Museum was once a staging post for the coaching industry, you can walk through the 17th Century spaces, understanding the art of carriage maintenance and the history of innkeeping, providing food, rest and accommodation for coach travellers breaking up the journey between London and Wales.

The museum also boasts the cabinet of curiosities, a collection of items brought back during the Regency era from explorers like Lord Danbury. Gaze upon the fascinating antiquities from the world's earliest museum…

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