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Ice Quest Malvern

100% real ice rink, laser quest arena, arcades and fully licensed bar!

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The Ice RinkOur rink is 100% real ice, varying between 10cm to 15cm in thickness depending on the season. 32 metres long and 12 metres wide the rink uses a rubber pipe system which keeps the ice at a constant -5C or below. We tractor the ice every day before we open to the public and inbetween sessions when the ice isn't up to our standards. The tractor we use is very similar to the well known Zamboni's but of a smaller size and more nimble to fit the needs of our rink. As the tractor passes over the ice it cuts down removing the top surface layer whilst leaving a fresh smooth layer of water behind that freezes into a new smooth top surface.Ice Skating LessonsHere at Ice Quest we also teach our Ice Quest learn to skate programme. Ideal for all beginners looking to get their confidence on the ice and learn to skate. Lessons are for all ages from 6 to 60, 36 for 6 half an hour lessons.Laser QuestOur Laser Quest arena supports upto 24 players at a time using the famous Laser Quest laser tag system. Players wear a pack over their shoulders which has built in sensors on the front, shoulders and back. Players then use their laser gun attached to the packs to shoot each other and score points. Every time a player tags another player they score 10 points and everytime they are hit they lose a set amount of points, 5 for the front, 4 for the back and 3 for the shoulders and gun. Players can also play in 2 teams against each other. Our arena is an atmospheric battle zone with its dark setting, U.V. lights, laser lights, arena music, corridors, corners, hiding places, ramps and an upstairs area perfect for those team games and intense family battles!


Spring Lane North
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