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Burger Shop Worcester

Burger Shop Worcester is in the heart of Worcester, under the railway arches just around the corner from Foregate St. Station.

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We pride ourselves on making our food from scratch.

We think fresh is best and our skilled chefs make all our sauces, mayos, pickles, and slaws from scratch, meaning we know exactly what goes into our food and ensures everything is freshly made. All of our beef is grass-fed.

Cows are naturally grass-eating vegetarians so it makes sense that they are raised on this natural diet. We believe grass-fed beef tastes far superior to grain-fed beef but it also contains 3 times as much Omega-3, more vitamin E, and more antioxidants than grain-fed beef. This may cost more, but we believe it is worth it. All of our beef comes from Aubrey Allen Butchers in Coventry.

Our buns are organic + vegan.

Our buns come from Alex Gooch Baker in Herefordshire, they are all hand made, organic, and vegan. Don't worry we have plenty of vegan options to go on the inside of your burger. His team bake 6 days a week using a long fermentation process encouraging pre-digestion of the grains to deliver nutritious and delicious, fresh bread.


Burger Shop Worcester
Arch 46
Cherry Tree Walk
WR1 3BH Get directions

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